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NetSetManNetSetMan Crack is the perfect compliment people who often need changing their community settings because they connect with different networks, probably in different areas. This program enables you to save yourself six network that is different, and you can change from one to another with just a couple of ticks, without even requiring to restart your system. Thanks to NetSetMan, it’s simple to ignore memorizing and manually changing all those intricate network settings, it done automatically in no time as you will get. NetSetMan Pro Full Crack is not just efficient and helpful but also easy and intuitive to work well. The entry fields remind of the Windows “Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) Properties, separate settings” but it’s much easier to fill in the addresses.All settings and modifications are saved in different settings automatically.ini) so a back-up, transfer or update to another version is entirely no problem. Also, creating a system that is new can be easy as right-clicking on a tab and selecting the “Get Current Settings” command. This step will copy your current network that is operating to the selected profile and, from now on, you’ll return to it by merely choosing it again and clicking the “Activate” button. However, there is undoubtedly an even more natural way to change to a network that is alternate: through the program’s tray menu. NetSetMan Pro License Mac installs a symbol in your system notification area plus it displays a list together with your six network that is feasible. With only one click, it is possible to change to some of them.

NetSetMan windowsCreate up to six network profiles:

  • The customizable parameters relate to the community adapter, internet protocol address, and gateway, route dining table, DND server and suffix, WINS host, wireless network connection, printer, computer name, workgroup, SMTP, community drives, hosts, scripts, and IPv6. Moreover, you can configure system settings whenever it comes to the display mode, wallpaper, desktop color, screensaver, design scheme, audio volume (speakers, microphone, and sound project), Windows Firewall (exceptions, notifications), power plan, time zone, or MAC target.
  • Any system profile can be restarted and disabled. You can modify names whenever quickly selecting them from the systray icon’s right-click menu, paste and copy settings, import and export profiles, configure advanced TCP/UP parameters if required, as well as access some Windows features without making NetSetMan’s user interface (age.g. Volume Control, Power Options, Mobility Center).

NetSetMan latest versionNetSetMan Key Features:

  • IP Addresses.
  • Computer Title.
  • WiFi Management.
  • Workgroup.
  • Network Drives.
  • Default Printer.
  • DNS Suffix.
  • SMTP Server.
  • Route Table.
  • Hosts File Entries.
  • MAC Address.
  • System Settings.
  • NIC Status.

NEW: LAN Settings (Speed/ MTU, Duplex, VLAN,).

NEW: Protocol Bindings.

  • Scripts (BAT, VS, JS,).
  • Connections (RAS/DUN/PPP/VPN).


  • AutoSwitch.
  • Tray-Menu for quick profiles that are switching.
  • Tray-Info for several IP that is current.
  • NSM Service for use without admin privileges.
  • Two individual that is various (Full & Compact).
  • Administration for determining permissions.
  • Command line activation.
  • Pre-Logon profile switching.
  • Fast access to widely used Windows locations.
  • Windows App: NetSetMan Touch.
  • 6 Profiles.

Technical Detail:

  • OS: Windows (32/64-bit)
  • Language: ML
  • Size: 4.2 Mb


  • The device is additionally for sale in the Pro that is paid variant enabling further determine the profile for every system that is unique, proxy settings, and default web page in Internet Explorer and Firefox. To locate out more about NetSetMan Pro could be found on the maker’s website.

Authors Note:

  • In summary, NetSetMan is an assistant that is anyone that is reliable would like to juggle multiple network pages through the system tray easily. Plus, it’s free. It had an impact that is the computer that is minimal, utilizing little CPU and memory.

NetSetMan 4 Key Download FREE

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